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Infrared Equipment Division
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The Infrared Equipment Division (IRED) of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) provides services to our members that enhance their ability to serve the end users in the industrial heat processing industry.  In order to offer IRED member companies the competitive edge, IRED make it a priority to provide timely and useful information to its members.  This includes information about emerging and currently available infrared technologies.

The Infrared Equipment Division (IRED) of the IHEA)was formerly known as the Infrared Equipment Association (IREA), an independently operated trade association made of of gas and electric infrared manufacturers and utility companies.  In 2003, IHEA & IREA recognized the mutual goals, benefits, and synergies of the two association, and agreed to consolidate. IREA therefore became a new division of IHEA. 

If you are an IHEA member and would like to view member only committee information, please sign-in to your on-line account and click here to view the IRED Committee pages which include meeting minutes and a list of committee members

On December 7, 2017 IRED offered a free Webinar: The Ins and Outs of IR. The webinar reviewed the basics of IR including what it is, how it is produced and its characteristics. It also highlighted the benefits of using infrared technologies and reviewed all equipment sources of infrared, followed by a discussion of a wide variety of IR applications for industrial finishing showcasing the many ways in which IR can be utilized to provide efficient curing in today's industrial environment.

Click here to access the FREE archived infrared webinar. 


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Alabama Power and EPRI Representatives Attend Kanthal Award Ceremony

IHEA members Scott Bishop (Alabama Power) and Baskar Vairamohan (EPRI) recently traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to attend the awards ceremony as finalists for the Kanthal® Award 2018 which recognizes global innovations in the area of heating technology and energy.

Alabama Power’s Technology Applications Center (TAC) was nominated for driving conversion from gas to electric heating solutions in foundries for industrial customers, in order to improve energy efficiency, safety and quality. Bishop comments, “It was an honor for Alabama Power to be recognized for the Kanthal Award. It was an incredible experience and Kanthal put on an excellent program.”



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